Society’s Attitude Pendulum: the cyclical change from “me” to “we”.

“Pendulum” talks about how through the history of time there are these pendulum swings that go in these 20-year intervals.  It’s actually pretty creepy how accurate it is.

The pendulum swings signify a movement from a “me” oriented society to a “we” oriented society. The last pinnacle of the “me” society was 1983.

What do you see in 1983? Popular artists like Michael Jackson wanting to stand out, wearing red leather, and one white glove.

Then you have Madonna. She’s talking about living in a material world. I’m a material girl. It’s about how I stand out. Then we have a 20-year swing down to 2003.

But it’s not like it just switches on a dime.  It gradually moves when we’re in that transition. That’s when you see the birth of things like Facebook and Google.

Then the internet age starts to kick in and we have a 20-year swing up to 2023.

Some have asked me what I think about the future of social media.

It’s 2020 going into 2021.  We’re two years away from the pinnacle of the “we.”

This is why, in today’s world, a shooting will happen in Florida and people in Los Angeles will change their profile picture to support people that they don’t know.  In 1983, we didn’t care. Pop culture is what causes that cyclical change.

When influencers move that dial, usually people will show up. In the next two years, people will start to show up who will begin to move that needle back down.

It is still two years to the next pinnacle and then 20 year ride back down. So at 23 years, we’re still really talking about this collective “we.”

That, then, from a business perspective says that people don’t necessarily want to buy from me:  they want to be involved with something with me.

That’s like me saying “iconic.” What is iconic?

It’s a culture you’re engaging, and it’s iconic because you want to be a part of it. Not just because I want the piece, but because it represents people in our “house”, We have several pieces and people see that.

It says, “yes, we belong to a large extent doing something like this”. It signals one thing for both parties: we belong.

That’s what we’re communicating to the world.