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Dr. Shawn Dill discusses why service providers need to concentrate

Shawn & Lacey – BDC

Black Diamond Club Sales Workshop – Is your vision big enough

What is your USP?

It’s not always the loudest voice that wins! It’s not always the “disruptor” that wins, either!


Is your business model LUXURY based or PREMIUM based?

Dr. Shawn Dill

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IFCOtv – Black Diamond 

Dr. Shawn Dill & Dr. Lacey Book join us on from MH4 sharing all about their

Clear Vision

Diamonds were shared on this episode of GET NAKED TALK with the awesome

ChiroSecure Protecting

ChiroSecure Protecting the Dynasty ChiroSecure Protecting the Dynasty ChiroSecure

Black Diamond Consulting Acquires the Cutting Edge Chiropractic Media Company, ChiroSushi Media

Renowned Chiropractors Shawn Dill and Lacey Book Introduce Two New Locations of The Specific Chiropractic Centers in Carmel, Indiana and San Diego, California